F1 2021 Predictions

We have made it, we are finally in the midst of the first race weekend of 2021. With that we thought we would share some of our bold F1 2021 predictions.

Max Verstappen – WDC 2021

Going into the 2021 season, everyone’s thoughts lean toward Lewis Hamilton securing a record breaking 8th WDC. And based on recent form, you’d think that would be a pretty safe bet, however from pre-season testing through to now Red Bull seem to have dialled in their car and may just have tipped the balance in their favour for this upcoming season.

Mercedes of course could have been sandbagging during testing (shocker, I know!) but there is something else in the air. We can’t quite put our finger on it but it feels to us that this year Max has a better chance than ever before to put a stop to the Mercedes Dominance.

McLaren to finish P3

This prediction seems pretty much odds on based on form from last year, however, I don’t think the gap will be as small this time round (7 point difference vs 3rd. Racing Point BWT). 

Mclaren have been given not one ace but two, Firstly, they have a new power unit supplied by current class leaders Mercedes, and secondly, they have signed an experienced driver and winner (not so much recently) in Daniel Ricciardo. 

Sebastian Vettel will win a race

Last year Vettel had a rough year. The car was not up to the standard of a Ferrari and they announced they would not renew his contract.

He very much has a point to prove not to the F1 fans but to himself and to build the confidence back up to challenge again and a win will do that.

Rookie of The Year – Tsunoda

Although Shucmacher won the F2 Championship last year (2020) we don’t believe he has a powerful enough car (Hass) to be the best of the new comers and that is why we are choosing Tsunoda to be the best of the rookies with Alpha Tauri.

Daniel Ricciardo P4 in Driver standings

We believe the battle for 4th this coming season will consist of Ricciardo, Perez, Lando and potentially (we can but hope) Vettel.

The easy prediction would be Perez based on his recent form and the fact he, along with Max, has one of if not the fastest car on the Grid. However, we want to be bold (only a little) and go for Ricciardo. The Honey Badger will want to improve on his two podium finishes in 2020 with at least a win (imagine the shooey if he gave Mclaren their first win in 8 years), a consistent run of podium and high finishes.

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